You can spot a 'Winner' logo with these few tips. A successful logo is a versatile one. It should be simple and not too overly complicated. It shouldn't lose detail when shrinked down to a 1"-2" size such as for business card use, it should still be legible at that size.

A successful logo will still be able to retain its impact when transformed to Black & white (not grayscale/shades of gray). Remember, you will use your logo in B/W for faxing, newspaper advertising, phone book, business checking, photocopying documents, etc.

Also to lower your printing costs, it would be effective to use only a few colors in your whole design. Printers charge on a per color basis, meaning each color requires a separation plate to be made, less separations = less cost. Just make sure you can afford your logo!

Last but not least, make sure your customers can easily adopt your logo to your business. If your logo is simple & unique, your customers will repeatedly view your logo into a brand name recognition impact.

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